Image Masking Service

Image Masking Service Provider CompanyZenith IT is the best Image masking service provider company. We work all over the world such as USA, UK, UAE, Australia, Denmark, Germany, France, Poland, Switzerland, Canada & Norway.

There are different types of uses of Image masking. There are 2 types of channel masking 1) Channel Masking ,2) Layer Masking. Mostly image masking use for the soft edges of an image like human hair, furry clothes, doll,fur, feathers, hair, eyelashes, smoke etc. If you want your images to have very accurate hairy details then you must need to do image masking service. As hair strands are very much thin, it is very hard to separate them in an image. But by using images masking we can easily edit them. Sometimes image masking is also need for remove or replace the background. When you need a tree image remove background then if you try to clip the photo by pen tool, it will lose it’s quality and we have to pay more. But if you do masking on that image then it will save your money and time both. We generally use pen tablet for hair, skin, fur, clothing with soft edge to change color tone, image exposer, brightness ETC. By using pen tablet its help to ensure more details of the soft edges.

Maximum time it’s use for the model images. According to your’s necessity, different objects are combined to create a full image by using Photoshop collage masking. By editing an image by image masking, it look more realistic and also more natural.

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